TQL disclaims all liability or responsibility for claims, damages, losses, liabilities or expenses of any kind resulting to carrier or any of its agents, employees, or affiliates, from unauthorized use or incorrect information provided to TQL by carrier or any person or entity claiming or posing to act on behalf of carrier, including, without limitation, the following:

  • Misapplication or improper payment
  • Incorrect information regarding bookings and deliveries
  • Improper changes to remittance information or addresses

Carrier waives all claims, demands, or damages that it may have against TQL related to the obtaining, changing or using carrier’s account or carrier’s information contained on TQL’s website, including but not limited to those claims, demands, or damages caused by TQL’s active or passive negligence.

Carrier shall be solely responsible for security in connection with carrier or any other person or entity accessing or using carrier’s account information available on the TQL website and shall indemnify and hold TQL harmless from all claims, damages, losses, liabilities and expenses resulting from or attributable to the use of the TQL website by carrier or any other person or entity acting or claiming to act on carrier’s behalf.